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And Prague would not be the same…

Arrived in Prague

Yes, my trip to Prague, Czech, last November would not be the same without Veronika. I knew her through Couchsurfing, a platform for travelers to do hospitality exchange. It is always nice to have such experience, meet and or stay with a stranger and share a lot of stories and experiences. It was my second time staying at a Couchsurfer’s house. Previously I did it in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, and the host – a couple with two kids – will always be a family for me.

That morning I stood up in front of one of many flats in Prague. I was not alone. I traveled to Prague from Budapest with my friend Kiki, who at that time was doing staff exchange at Corvinus University, Budapest. Based on the address given by Veronika, I was sure that it was where she lives. She actually kindly offered to pick us up at the bus terminal although our bus arrived at 6.45 in the morning. You know, it was autumn already and the sun had not risen yet. Plus, it was Saturday! Most of people would prefer to stay sleeping instead. So, I must say it was very kind of her. Unfortunately we were waiting at different places so after a few minutes there without seeing us, she left the bus terminal.

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Teaser: Budapest and Praha

Kalau kebanyakan orang tergila-gila pada Paris dan sangat mendambakan untuk naik ke menara Eiffel, entah mengapa saya biasa saja. Atau mungkin ingin naik gondola di Venesia? Hmm..kalau ada kesempatan sih mau juga. Namun sejujurnya saya malah lebih tertarik mengunjungi kota ataupun negara yang saya belum terlalu familiar.

September lalu, saya mendapat kabar bahwa teman saya, Kiki, mendapatkan beasiswa Erasmus Mundus untuk exchange staff ke Corvinus University, Budapest. Kebetulan teman saya, Fafa, semester ini juga sedang internship di Budapest dalam program masternya. Duh, sepertinya ini bukan kebetulan belaka. Saya tidak mau menyia-nyiakan kesempatan reuni di Eropa ini.


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