The Teamwork: Komunitas Blogger Ikatan Alumni Insan Cendekia & Dormi[s]tory


Cerita di balik buku Dormi[s]tory dari Komunitas Blogger Ikatan Alumni Insan Cendekia (IAIC). Bangga jadi bagian dari tim keren ini. ^^


More than 700 books have been ordered since we opened #Dormistory pre-order yesterday!

Dormi[s]tory is a wholeheartedly-written book by Komunitas Blogger Ikatan Alumni Insan Cendekia for our beloved MAN Insan Cendekia Serpong (MAN ICS). It has been three exciting days since we first published teasers for our community’s very first project! Alhamdulillah. Thankyou everyone who has placed his/her order. We are truly loaded with joy 🙂


This (early) achievement and euphoria happened because of the amazing teamwork behind it. And not to mention, the amazing bond within Ikatan Alumni Insan Cendekia, whom later we call it as IAIC

Komunitas Blogger IAIC

Before I started telling you about the memorable process and teamwork of making Dormi[s]tory, I would like to introduce  you about the community. Komunitas Blogger IAIC was established in late 2015 based on an initiative from IAIC committee of batch 2015-2016. The idea was to gather thousands alumni, who have similar hobby or profession in writing, to…

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  1. bhellabhello says:

    Thank you for being a part of us, Kak Icha. Thank you for the hard work, discussion, and inspirations.


  2. Selamat atas pencapaiannya Mbak Icha. Keren


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