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Are you happy?

Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey
Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey

The words of the writer Colette had haunted me for years: “What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.” I didn’t want to look back, at the end of my life or after some some great catastrophe, and think, “How happy I used to be then, if only I’d realized it.” (“The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin)

I am currently reading Gretchen Rubin’s  ‘The Happiness Project. Actually I bought this book in the beginning of 2013 but then.. a lot of stuffs..and I had some other books to read as well. This book hasn’t been touched for a while. In 2008, I read ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert which is about a journey of rediscovering herself. Leaving her former life behind and start a totally new life in new places to find happiness. Nevertheless, The Happiness Project is something different. Gretchen emphasizes that she started this project not because she’s depressed or unhappy with her current life. She’s happy but she thinks that she could be happier than she’s now. You might want to read the book for details. I am now just in the first chapters of her book but the message is clear enough: we can be happier by living our current life, appreciating and feeling grateful of what we have.

So, what do you think? Are you happy? Do you think you (still) can be happier? 🙂



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