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Summer Days


The postcard I’m gonna send to my hubby was reprinted from this painting by Paul Gabriël titled ‘In de maand juli’: een molen aan een poldervaart (‘In the Month of July’: a Windmill on a Polder Waterway).

This painting caught my attention because it was among other paintings with gloomy colors — mostly gray — which dominates painting about Holland in that era, known as Hague School or Gray School (1860-1890). In the description of this painting, written that Gabriël emphasized, “Our country is saturated with color… I repeat, our country is not gray, not even gray weather, nor are dunes gray”. Unlike many Hague School painters, he enjoyed depicting a beautiful summer day in the country.

So, dear hubby, no matter what the season is, let’s enjoy our days just like those in summer: bright and warm. 🙂



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