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I was up for my first snow

My first snow? It was back in Korea in 2007. But something reminds me about that. Recently the temperature reaches 1 degree celcius. It’s even  0 degree celcius at dawn until early in the morning before the sun rises. Yesterday some of my friends were so excited knowing there was 80% chance of snow in Groningen. I was just…okay, I’d rather sleep. But I somehow understand that feeling when we’re gonna see snow for the first time. ‘We’ here refers to people who are originally from a tropical country like Indonesia. 😀

Here’s my story. I repost from my (former) Multiply blog.


Me and my roommate, Len.
Me and my roommate, Len.

For some people, snow is just snow, nothing special. But not for me who hasn’t experienced snow before. I was full of excitement when last night my roommate, Len, told me that based on the news from Yang Sonsaengnim (our Korean teacher), there would be snow in Daejeon this early in the morning (around 2-5 am). Since last weekend I even changed the status in my Facebook profile: Maisya is waiting for the snow, which resulted a comment from one of my American friends in his personal message, “…And why on EARTH would you be WAITING for the snow!!!??? I’m already waiting for the summer again!”

Ahh…come on! It’s always ‘SUMMER’ in Indonesia, hahaha….

I set my alarm to wake me up at around 5 am. But surprisingly, my roommate who usually wakes up later than me, this morning woke me up because of the snow. Well…actually she did wake up because of stomachache, hehehe…. *Thanks to my roommate!!*

That was 4.30 am. She said before she went to the toilet, she saw through the window but there’s no snow. After spending a few minutes in the toilet and she was about to sleep again, she just wanted to make sure and opened the window again. WOW!! And the snow was there! She woke me up and my first sentence (actually just a word, hehe..) was, “SNOW??”We called the other ASEAN exchange students to give very good news. Yoboseyo(Hello?)” Said the voices there. “Hi…it’s snowing!” Len and I shouted to everyone by phone.

Tanya, me, Len and Hajar in front of my room. Miss the girls!

We wore our coat and shoes and then went out to our balcony to enjoy the snow (and of course to take pictures! ;p). But as it was still dark, the pictures weren’t that good. When I woke up again around 8.30, I took some pictures from my balcony. Yes, SNOW is WHITE!

Daejeon, 20 November 2007



13 thoughts on “I was up for my first snow”

  1. Walaupun udah lama tinggal di Belanda, sampe sekarang juga aku masih takjub kalo bangun pagi dan lihat keluar, semuanya putih tih. Seperti ada yang menabur gula halus dari atas 🙂


    1. Iya mbak.. cantik ya kalau dipandang, tapi dinginnya ga nahaaan..brrr..
      Pas aku di Korea blm turun salju yang bener2 tebel sampe akhir Desember, cuma waktu itu aku naik gunung jadinya sempet ngerasain tidur2an di atas salju sebelum balik ke Indonesia hehe..


      1. tidur deh di salju bukit salju, terus kepakkepakin tangannya.. udah kaya kupukupu kan? sambi mangap itu mulut biar saljunya lewat.. asik deh..


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